1 Simple Trick to Rescue a Failing Facebook Ad Set

1 Simple Trick to Rescue a Retargeting Campaign

Before I start out, let me say that this article isn’t for people who are just starting on Facebook and don’t know what an ad set is.

Instead this article is for people who have a basic understanding of Facebook advertising, and are looking to quickly improve their performance.

So, what is this simple trick? This simple and effective trick is something I like to call audience layering.

What is audience layering?

Audience layering is when you take an ad set and apply a Facebook custom audience over that ad set to improve its performance.

An example of this would be having an ad set with an interest target of “Social Media Marketing”, and then applying a Lookalike Audience over it.

But, why is audience layering so effective?

Audience layering is extremely effective for the following reasons:

  1. For a lot of people, lookalike audiences by themselves are too broad. I believe the current 1% lookalike audience represents about 2 million people in the US.
  2. For a lot of people, they may have an excellent target for their business (i.e. Social Media Marketing), but the target by itself is too board or is ineffective.

So, how do I add lookalike audience to my ad set?

Adding a lookalike audience to an ad set is pretty simple. I am going to show you how to do it from your Ad Manager account.

First, you need to click into your particular ad set. Then in the box to the upper right hand corner of your screen, click the edit button.


You should now see a screen labeled “Edit Ad Set” pop out from the right side of your screen. Go down under “Targeting” and where it says “Custom Audience”, add your custom audience.

In the example below, I am going to select my Lookalike Audience for website visitors (i.e. Lookalike (US, 1%) — All Visitors).


Now, click “Save & Close” in the bottom right hand corner, and you are done.


What results can I expect?

I can’t tell you the results you can personally expect, because everyone’s campaign is different – BUT below are the results from my personal campaign where I took a failing target (“Social Media Marketing”) and decreased its cost per lead & cost per checkout by approximately 45%, simply by applying 2 lookalike audiences to the ad set (my website visitors and lead lookalikes):


Now, I’m not sure I will continue with this particular ad set, because most of my leads come in for around $1.00 or less and my checkouts are typically $10 or less — BUT as you can see above, this simple technique can be extremely powerful after reducing your overall costs and making a campaign MUCH MORE effective.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Now, since you know this one simple trick for improving an ad sets performance, you should go out there and try it yourself.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below.