3 Secret Sources of Facebook Retargeting Data

3 Secret Sources Of Retargeting Data

Recently, I was approached by an industry association to help build out their retargeting campaign for an event.

Because most of their association members were actual companies, there were very few personal emails on their mailing list.

Due to this, Facebook recognized very few emails when we uploaded them as a custom audience; therefore, making our initial retargeting list very small.

For me, this wasn’t acceptable. So, I had to think outside the box.

This out-of-the-box thinking resulted in us trying things that I might not do typically with clients, but can be extremely effective for businesses that want to quickly grow their retargeting list & might not have a lot of customer data to start with.

Now, I’m not going to cover the basic places where you need to grow your retargeting list (i.e. on your website). Instead, I am going to walk you through 3 little-known sources to grow your retargeting list.

Secret Source #1: LinkedIn

This particular client had a lot of LinkedIn connections within their industry & this was great news for the following reasons:

  1. LinkedIn allows you to export your contacts at any time, including their emails.
  2. Most people use their personal email for LinkedIn. I guess it would be awkward to have recruiters sending you messages at your job.
  3. We could cherry-pick out the people in this client’s network that weren’t in their target audience (i.e. mom, dad, etc.).
  4. We could leverage this existing data inside of Facebook to grow our initial retargeting list.

Secret Source #2: Email Opens

As I mentioned earlier, this particular had a problem with limited retargeting data, because most of their emails were businesses emails.

That said, we implemented a workaround, knowing that Facebook pixel would follow a user across devices & across emails.

So, what we did is apply the Facebook retargeting pixel (a.k.a. Website Custom Audience pixel) to a few blast emails that the client sent out.

The beauty of this is that everyone who opened their email (35%+) were added to the retargeting list without having to click through on the email (~2.5%) or by going to the client’s website.

Note: this method can also be applied if you do a dedicated email drop or someone else’s list. You can leverage their list data to build your own.

Secret Source #3: Outlook (or Gmail) Contacts

Finally, we leveraged data that we exported from this client’s Gmail and Outlook.

Now, this didn’t have the same impact as the LinkedIn connection or the email blasts, but we did squeeze out a bit more data.

What I found amazing is how data gets stuck in your email clients (i.e. gmail or outlook) but never makes it to your CRM.


So, if you are looking to grow your initial retargeting list quickly & are limited on data, you might want to try the following things:

  1. Export your LinkedIn Contacts
  2. Applying a retargeting (i.e. Website Custom Audience) pixel to your email blasts
  3. Export your contacts from Outlook & Gmail (or any other email client)

If you can think of any other ways to quickly grow your retargeting list, please comment below.