Facebook Finally Releases Conjunctive Targeting to Power Editor

Facebook Releases Conjunctive Targeting

It’s official — Facebook finally released conjunctive targeting (sometimes referred to as AND targeting) to Power Editor and this is HUGE!

Until now, you could only do conjunctive targeting through 3rd party platforms like AdEspresso and Qwaya; however, now it is available to ALL advertisers through Power Editor.

What’s Conjunctive Targeting?

Conjunctive targeting is the ability to narrow your audience to ONLY people that are interested in multiple things.

For example, with conjunctive targeting, you can now target only people who have shown an interest in both Whole Foods and Yoga.

Whereas, in the past without conjunctive targeting, if you would create a new ad set and target people who like Whole Foods Market and Yoga. You would end up targeting everyone who liked Whole Foods and everyone who liked Yoga.

To help illustrate this concept, please see the diagram below.

Fb Conjunctive Targeting Diagram

So, why does this matter?

This matters because conjunctive targeting opens up new targeting options for advertisers.

Say you’re a local sports bar that sells discounted buffalo wings during football games. Now you can target people that like both a particular sports team as well as people that like buffalo wings in your area.


Say you want to target everyone who has liked Facebook for Business, but the target is too big. Now with conjunctive targeting, you can narrow that audience by applying an interest like “Shopify”.

With the introduction of conjunctive targeting, the possibilities are endless. Businesses who might have had trouble narrowing down to their exact target in the past may now be able to reach their exact audience.

How to create a Conjunctive target?

Inside of Power Editor, simply open up your ad set’s targeting and scroll down to the section that says, “Detailed Targeting”. Then, type in your first target, i.e. “Whole Foods Market”.

detailed targeting facebook

Then, select the “Narrow Audience” link and select an additional target, i.e. Yoga.

detailed targeting FACEBOOK

Now save & close your ad set, and when you do your ad set will be ready to target ONLY people who like both “Whole Foods Market” and “Yoga”.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Now since you know how to use conjunctive targeting, it’s your turn to give it a try.

That said, if you have any questions or need help setting up a conjunctive targeting, feel free to leave a comment below or to shoot me an email at eric@ericknows.com.