Facebook is Phasing Out Their Conversion Pixel: What You Need to Know

Facebook is Phasing Out the Conversion Pixel

If you haven’t received the notification yet, Facebook is phasing out their conversion pixel sometime in the second half of 2016.

Conversion Pixel Removal

Enter the Facebook Pixel

With the eventual removal of the conversion pixel, Facebook’s goal is to have everyone transition to the new “Facebook Pixel”.

So, What’s the Facebook Pixel & How Is It Different?

Previously, before the Facebook pixel was released, most advertisers would implement two pixels on their website: 1) Website Custom Audience pixel and 2) Facebook Conversion Pixel.

The Website Custom Audience pixel would track all visitors and page views on a website. This pixel was mostly used by advertisers to retarget existing website visitors.

While the Facebook conversion pixel would track transactional behavior such as someone giving you their email, making a purchase, etc. This pixel was mostly used for tracking and reporting.

The new Facebook pixel; however, combines the functionality of both the Website Custom Audience pixel and the Facebook Conversion pixel into one single piece of HTML code.

Here’s an example of what the new Facebook Pixel code looks like.

Facebook Pixel Code

Here’s a table from Facebook that shows a comparison of each pixel type:

Facebook Pixel Comparison

3 Things You Need to Know

1) Changing Code is Optional

For right now, changing to the Facebook Pixel is optional. The Website Custom Audience and Conversion Pixels will continue to work until they are fully phased out in the 2nd half of 2016.

2) Facebook Pixel is the Future of Tracking, Optimization & Audience Creation

During a webinar this past week, Facebook encouraged all people to start transitioning over to the Facebook Pixel because all future coding efforts, improvements, etc. will be done on the Facebook Pixel and not the Conversion Pixel or Website Custom Audience Pixel.

3) To track conversion with the Facebook Pixel, you’ll need to use Standard Events and Custom Conversions

Conversion tracking on the new Facebook Pixel will be done by tracking standard events and custom conversions. By default, there are 9 standard events, including:

  1. Key Page View
  2. Search
  3. Add to Cart
  4. Add to Wishlist
  5. Initiate Checkout
  6. Add Payment Info
  7. Make Purchase
  8. Lead
  9. Complete Registration

Custom conversions will be set up in ads manager by selecting rules. Please see what this interface looks like below.

Create Facebook Pixel Custom Conversion

For more information on how to implement the new Facebook pixel, check out Facebook’s implementation guide here.

What’s Next?

To stay on top of this change, it is recommended that you immediately change out your current pixels for the Facebook Pixel or at least start developing a strategy to do so.

If you need any help swapping out your Facebook Pixel or need Facebook advertising help in general, feel free to contact me at eric@ericknows.com.