How to Create a Facebook Landing Page in Less Than 15 Minutes

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page in Less Than 15 Minutes

Facebook Landing Page Cheat Sheet

If you’ve NEVER published a landing page to your Facebook fan page, now is the time to try.

For A LOT of business, landing pages on Facebook can often outperform the landing pages on their own website for 3 BIG REASONS:

Reason #1: People trust Facebook more than they trust your website. Like it or not, Facebook is the most visited website in the world, and people are familiar with it. And because of that familiarity, people often trust landing pages that appear inside of Facebook more than elsewhere.

Reason #2: Facebook typically charges less per click for ads that link back to Facebook than for clicks that go to an offsite landing page. This is simply because Facebook knows that people that stay on Facebook are more likely to generate them more ad revenue, whereas people that jump offsite might not return for a while. Because of this, advertisers can often generate lower CPCs (cost per clicks) when driving traffic to a Facebook landing page.

Reason #3: Ads that are sent back to a Facebook landing page are more likely to get approved than offsite landing pages. This is especially important is you are in an industry or business that Facebook generally doesn’t like such as wealth-building or diet programs.

Now, typically, creating a landing for Facebook might mean customizing some code or even creating a new Facebook app — BUT in this cheat sheet, I’m going show you how to take your existing landing page create a Facebook landing in minutes using a tool called Woobox.

Time Requirements:

To fully execute this “cheat sheet”, it will take approximately 10 minutes.

Resources Required:

Facebook Fan Page (and rights to modify that page)
Woobox Account
An Existing Landing Page

Step-by-Step Directions

Step 1: Sign Up For Woobox

To sign up for Woobox, simply go to, and click on the Try It Free button.

Once you click this button, Woobox will automatically try to log into Facebook (if you aren’t already) and then ask for authorization to your pages.

Once you authorize Woobox, you will be presented with its Dashboard. See an example of its Dashboard below.


Step 2: Create a New HTML Fangate Tab

Now, you’ll need to create a HTML Fangate Tab. First, you’ll need to open up the “Static Tabs” link from the top menu.


Next, you are going to click the “HTML Fangate Tab” icon as seen below.


Now, you’ll be presented with a screen to “Edit your Tab Content”. From this screen, select “URL” as your page source, and then input your URL into the text field below.
Once done, click “Save Settings”. For the example below, I am going to use my profile page on as my landing page.


Note: if you want your landing page to show up on mobile, you’ll need to upgrade to a Woobox pro plan. That said, for your first Facebook landing page, you might want to test desktop traffic to start.

Next, from the left hand menu, you will select “Tab Settings”. From here, you can change the image of your tab and apply a tab name. In the example below, I uploaded an image of me, and changed the tab name to “Ready to Grow Your Business?”. To update your tab, simply click “Save Settings”.


Note: the ideal image size for your Facebook tab is 111 x 71 pixels.

Step 3: Check Out Your New Facebook Landing Page

To check out your new Facebook landing page, simply go to your Fan Page and scroll down until you see your Facebook tabs. See an example of the tab I set up below.


Now, click on your tab, and you should see your Facebook landing page load. See an example of mine below.


Note: when running a Facebook campaign against your Facebook landing page, you can get the URL simply by clicking on the tab and copying and paste the URL in your browser’s navigation bar.

Conclusion: You’re Done!

Congrats! Your Facebook landing page is now set up and it’s ready for you to some drive traffic.