The Secret Way to Get Press Using Facebook Ads

The Secret Way to Get Press Using Facebook Ads

If you’re like me, you know growing a business can be tough, especially when no one knows who you are.

This is why so many startups invest in getting press, often hiring expensive PR firms and putting in countless hours emailing multiple publications.

This, however, often results in costly bills & hundreds of unanswered emails.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to tip this approach on its head. I’m going to show how, through Facebook, you can get your ads in front of the right people without hiring an expensive PR firm or by writing hundreds of emails.

Enter Job Title Targeting

By using Job Title targeting through Facebook, you can target people specifically based on the job title that appears in their Facebook profile.

In fact, in my previous job where I was the Chief Marketing Officer, I used to have people target me mainly based on my job title as you can see below.

FB Why Am I Seeing This Ad

The beauty of these type of campaigns is that you can put your ad in front of people such as Producers, Television Hosts, Television Producers, Press Reporters, and more.

And unlike your normal ads where your main goal may be see immediate ROI or hit a particular cost per lead or checkout, the goal of these campaigns are to get seen by people who can make a significant difference in your brand.

These are the same people who can get your brand on TV. The same people who write for major publications. And the same people who can help take your brand from something no one has ever heard of into a household name.

So, How Do I Target People By Job Title?

First, you’ll need to create a new ad set inside of Power Editor. Next, in your ad set, select “Edit Audience”.

Facebook Ad Set Edit Audience

Now, scroll down to “Detailed Targeting” and click “Browse”. Then, browse to Demographics => Work => Job Titles.

Facebook Targeting Job Titles

Now, enter the job titles you want (i.e. Executive Producer, Blogger, Television Host) and save your ad set.

Then, run a small campaign and get your ad seen by the right people :).

Now It’s Your Turn

Now, it’s your turn to try. But, if you need help setting up a campaign like this or need help with Facebook advertising in general, feel free to contact me at